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  • Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama — September 4, 2015
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The results of legislative incompetence

Republicans came to power in Alabama after decades of Democratic rule, promising to put the politics of the past behind them, to pass strong ethics laws, and to govern the state effectively. It sounded good.

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Wednesday 09/02/2015
Flowers: State depends on federal handouts

There was a very poignant and telling caricature of George Wallace during his heyday that very accurately depicts Alabama's longstanding relationship with the federal government. In the picture Wallace has his hand out receiving federal money. In the other hand he has a dagger ready to vehemently attack Washington.

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Wednesday 08/26/2015
Public meetings must be open

In earlier years, occasionally, a local government body would stretch or exceed the limits of Alabama’s Open Meetings Act (OMA), unsually through their excessive use of “executive sessions” (closed meetings). This happened despite the law’s very clear restrictions on why an open meeting could be closed on rare occasions.

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Jackson: Don't come to the coast

Some years ago folks started leaving California for Oregon.

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Flowers: Alabama among most conservative

Many would argue, and indeed numerous surveys indicate, that Alabama is one of, if not the most, conservative states in America. I would argue that if that is true then our Alabama legislature is reflective of their constituents.

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Wednesday 08/19/2015
Is anyone even listening?

The Alabama Legislature has demonstrated that it is incapable of passing a workable budget, but it is capable of finding new and creative ways to embarrass us. State Sen. Paul Sanford, Republican of Huntsville, has created a online account that asks the general public to contribute to the state’s cash-strapped General Fund.

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Jackson: A first for Methodist me

In recent years "Mission Trips" have become a popular summer experience for youth groups in various churches.

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Aflac an Alabama success story

There is a very iconic company founded in Alabama that has made state, southern, national and international history. It is an insurance corporation known as Aflac.

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Wednesday 07/22/2015
Beat the heat

We could get a little bit of a reprieve later this week from the high-90 temperatures we have been experiencing, but forecasters say they expect higher-than-normal temperatures to return by this weekend. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for earlier this week for parts of northern Alabama and all of central and south Alabama.

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Jackson: Another investment opportunity?

Since I always include my e-mail address with my columns, occasionally one of my intensely ambivalent readers will write to comment on what I have written.  

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