Football Friday (on Thursday)

Five first-round playoff games take place tonight, and four of the local teams are playing at home.

Frankly, I don't see a lot of intrigue in these games, outside of the Wadley-Isabella game. So I won't go into a whole lot of detail to tell you that Clay Central, Handley, RCHS and Ranburne should win fairly easily and advance to round two.

I will say this. If you don't have a team that you're loyal to, go out to Wright Field in Roanoke and watch Devontae Houston set the school record for rushing yards in a season. The phenomenal senior speedster needs just 18 yards to break Stacy Garrett's 2,052 yard mark, set in 1991.

Handley has been playing football for nearly 100 years, and the current record has stood for 28 years, so Houston's impending accomplishment is not something that comes around every day.

As for Wadley, the Bulldogs are not your typical No. 4 seed as injuries disrupted the team's mojo during the middle part of the season. It was at the nadir of its roster depletion that Wadley lost to Billingsley, a game that ultimately cost the Bulldogs the No. 2 seed. I have little doubt that a healthy Wadley wins that game.

Well Wadley is healthy now, so they are essentially a No. 2 seed playing against an Isabella team that just won only its second region championship in school history.

I do not foresee a high-scoring game, and Wadley will give the Mustangs more than they may be bargaining for out of a No. 4 seed, but ultimately I think Isabella will be the team on top when the final horn sounds.

Isabella 21, Wadley 15

And now, onto the game that everyone has been talking about all week...

Missouri at Georgia

Just kidding.

Although since Georgia beat Florida last week I've been trying to think of how Georgia could do the most Georgia thing possible to end the season, and here's what I came up with. Georgia loses one of its last four games (Missouri, Texas A&M, Auburn or Georgia Tech), THEN turns around and finally beats Alabama for the SEC championship, but because Georgia has two losses they get left out of the playoff and Alabama, with just the one loss, goes to the playoff instead. Watch it happen.

Georgia 27, Missouri 14

LSU at Alabama

So the only problem with the scenario that I just laid out is that I don't think Alabama is going to win tomorrow. Alabama certainly has history on its side, what with its 34 straight wins over LSU and its 211 game home winning streak (numbers may be exaggerated). And there's something to be said for history.

But setting that aside, who is the better team here? Tua just had ankle surgery three weeks ago. Let's just say he's going to play tomorrow at 80 percent of his full health.

A. That's probably a high number.

B. I don't think that's going to be enough for him to deliver the kind of offensive performance Alabama is going to need.

And Bama is going to need all the offense it can get because the Bama defense is suspect. When you have to play so many young guys, who are out there not because they earned the spot but because they were the only healthy players left, it doesn't bode well against an elite offense like LSU's.

All streaks end, and Alabama's run of dominance against LSU is about to be one of those.

LSU 40, Alabama 34

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