335-6-10-.10 Special Designations

335-6-11-.02 Use Classifications

Notice is hereby given that a hearing before the Department of Environmental Management of the State of Alabama will be held on March 15, 2011, at 10:00 am in the Main Hearing Room at the ADEM - Central Office location at 1400 Coliseum Blvd. in Montgomery, for the purpose of amending rule 335-6-10-.10 to add a second special designation to be called Treasured Alabama Lake with the accompanying description of waters to which this designation could be applied. The Department also proposes to amend rule 335-6-11-.02(11) to classify Lake Martin as a Treasured Alabama Lake and to classify one segment of the Tallapoosa River as Outstanding Alabama Waters.

Copies of the proposed rule and the summary of reasons supporting the revisions are available free of charge at the offices listed below and can also be found on the Internet at http://adem.alabama.gov/PubHearings/PubHearings.htm at no cost.

ADEM, Office of General Counsel

Attn: Molly Tatum

1400 Coliseum Boulevard

(P. O. Box 301463, Zip code 36130-1463)

Montgomery, AL 36110-2059

(334) 394-4360

ADEM, Birmingham Field Office

Attn: Sheila Vail

110 Vulcan Road

Birmingham, AL 35209-4702

(205) 942-6168

ADEM, Decatur Field Office

Attn: Jan Childers

2715 Sandlin Road, SW

Decatur, AL 35603-1333

(256) 353-1713

ADEM, Mobile Field Office

Attn: Jenika Monroe

2204 Perimeter Road

Mobile, AL 36615-1131

(251) 450-3400

The public hearing is being held to receive data, views, and arguments from interested persons regarding the proposed rules. Attendance at the hearing is not necessary to present such data, views, arguments, or comments as the same may be submitted in writing, but must be received by the Hearing Officer prior to 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2011.

Written submissions and other inquiries should be directed to: Hearing Officer, Office of General Counsel, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, P.O. Box 301463, Montgomery, AL 36130-1463 (street address: 1400 Coliseum Boulevard, Montgomery, AL 36110-2059) or by e-mail at hearing.officer@adem.state.al.us.

Any person wishing to participate in this hearing who needs special accommodations should contact the Department's Permits and Services Division at (334) 271-7714 at least five working days prior to the hearing.

This notice is hereby given this January 19, 2011, by authority of ADEM.

Lance R. LeFleur



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