ON THE PROPOSED FINANCING BY Auslin’s Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN the Auslin’s Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. located at 3400 County Road 804 in Wedowee, Alabama (the issuer), will allow for public comment through May 14, 2020 at 5:00 pm, via email at tdoyle114/@hotmail.com or via phone at (404) 606-7629, for the purpose of holding a public hearing pursuant to the requirements of Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, on a proposal the Issuer enter into an agreement to finance certain equipment. The equipment to be financed consists of One (1) New Van Mor/International Pumper (Demo) and will be maintained at the fire station at 3400 County Road 804, Wedowee, Alabama.

To finance the costs of such equipment and to pay costs and expenses incidental to the financing, the Issuer proposes to enter into a loan agreement with a maximum aggregate principal amount not to exceed $283,386.00. The Issuer will be required to pay all taxes on the equipment. The rental payments due pursuant to the loan agreement will be secured by a security interest in the equipment.

All persons interested may email or telephone at said time and place or may file written comments with the Auslin’s Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. prior to the date set forth heretofore.

Date Published: May 6, 2020


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