Case Number: JU-2019-000201.02

Petitioner: Randolph County Department of Human Resources

In the Matter of Koby Lee Holloway, a minor child; DOB March 7, 2019

To: The Mother, Carolyn Holloway

To: The Unknown Father

A Petition has been filed in this Court requesting that the parental rights of the Mother, Carolyn Holloway, and the Unknown Father be terminated and that the permanent custody of the minor child be vested in the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources. You must file an answer to said Petition to Terminate Parental Rights within fourteen (14) days of perfection of service by publication or a judgment by default may be rendered. Your answer is to be filed in the Juvenile Court of Randolph County, Alabama, at the Randolph County Courthouse. You are further notified of your right to counsel to represent you, and if you are unable to afford counsel, one will be appointed by the Court to represent you in this proceeding. A parent has the right to representation of an attorney in the dependency or a termination of parental rights trial, and, if indigent, the Court may appoint an attorney if requested. Should the parent desire a court-appointed attorney, application should be made immediately upon receipt of notice of the action, by contacting the Juvenile Court Intake Office at 256-357-2618. This case is set for trial on December 9, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Done this the 7th day of October, 2020.

Chris May, Circuit Clerk

Attorney for Petitioner:

Destiny Pettway (PET073)

Assistant Attorney General

Randolph County Department of Human Resources

P.O. Box 1869

Anniston, AL 36202



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