With the second annual Barktoberfest coinciding with Halloween weekend, it’s a reminder that some warnings are in order before the trick-or-treating begins.

Halloween candy is dangerous for pets. If pets are in the house, don’t leave trick or treat candy where your pets can get it. A dog will snarf down the goodies without bothering to unwrap them. The candy is bad enough, because rich and sweet foods can lead to pancreatitis or other gastrointestinal problems. Swallowing wrappers can also lead to intestinal blockages.

Especially be careful about leaving sugar-free gum or certain low-fat candies or baked goods around the house if you have dogs. The problem is xylitol, a sugar substitute that appears in some sugar-free gums. It’s safe for humans, but deadly for dogs.

Don’t leave glow-sticks on any table or counter that a cat might leap onto. Glow-sticks are mesmerizing for cats – like catnip or a really great piece of string. But unfortunately, the luminous chemicals can sicken cats.

Keep your dogs and cats away from the front door as trick-or-treaters arrive. It’s really easy for pets to escape during this time. All the visitors may be confusing to them, and could lead them to behave in a manner you don’t suspect. You don’t want your dog or cat scampering across a dark street, especially on a night when more drivers may be out.

Amid all the fun of Halloween, don’t forget about your pets and the unique dangers the holiday may pose to them.

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