Rarely have as many different emergency situations erupted at once in our small town. With three separate fires and an attempted bank burglary and arson occur­ring simultaneously in the early hours of Saturday, there naturally is suspicion that all are related, the fires per­haps an attempt to pull emergency responders, including police, away from the bank break-in.

If so, it was a costly diversion in terms of property damage. And it netted the would-be burglars absolutely nothing except their images on the bank’s surveilance camera.

One takeaway from this disaster is that those respon­sible are not very smart.

Another is a reminder of how fortunate we are to have the emergency response we have in Randolph County, with volunteers from six other county fire departments joining members of the Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department in the middle of the night to keep the fires from spreading and causing even more damage. Just one reason we should consider ourselves fortunate to live here.

As for the mentally challenged perpetrators, it is only a matter of time until their names appear in the paper. With one of the arson victims posting a reward soon after the fire and with police investigators already follow­ing leads, it shouldn’t be long.

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