At the Nov. 15 meeting of Roanoke Utilities Board, manager Pam Bonner gave a report on water leaks and sewer issues.

A visitor at the meeting, Terry Hopper, a resident of Industrial Drive, addressed the board concerning a sewer issue. Hopper said she was told there was a sewer back-up on her property, and she had to rent equipment to try and repair the problem. After work had begun, it was found the back-up was the responsibility of the city to repair the back-up since it was on their side. Hopper asked the board for reimbursement of $371 for equipment rental since it was not her responsibility.

After a brief discussion, the board approved to repay Hopper for her expenses.

Manager's report

Bonner gave her report to the board and included the following items:

The crew had to make a new tap to correct a gas leak on Main Street near the health department.

Water leaks on College Street have been repaired after a number of leaks were reported.

A water main break on Owensby Drive has been repaired.

Crews have repaired and are working on several sewer issues on Industrial Drive and Old LaFayette Highway. These are being monitored daily.

Computers have been repaired at the water treatment plant and the wastewater plant. Alarms at the plants were repaired to notify of any problems.

ADEM will hopefully visit to possibly give permission to allow less staff at the plants.

New cameras have been installed at both plants.

Board actions

Grace Outreach has purchased the former Randolph Medical Center and requests a residential rate ($25.75) instead of commercial rate. The board agreed to give them the residential rate until they start housing residents.

Delayed action on sewer line repair/replacement/installation on Johnson Street.

Delayed any action on sewer repairs/replacement on Main Street after complaints at the last meeting by Pat Awbrey and Kesa Johnston. The estimated cost is some $10,350.

Delayed any action on a software upgrade for billing that will cost more than $3,000.

The board will be closed on Christmas Eve and the following Monday and New Year's Eve and the following Monday. This is due to Christmas Day and New Year's Day being on Saturday.

The next meeting will be Jan. 10.

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