WEDOWEE - At last Tuesday's meeting of Wedowee Town Council, the council voted unanimously to install speed breakers on Mill Street in hopes to improve safety and slow down some drivers.

The vote came after a presentation by Terry Graham, a resident of Mill Street. Graham presented a petition signed by every resident on the street asking for speed breakers to be installed. "We are asking you to do this because people using our street, referred to as the 'Eastern Bypass,' are driving at high rates of speed and making the street unsafe for pedestrians." He went on to say that there have been some near misses of residents walking on the street.

"To save time and miss the downtown traffic to get to Highway 48, they turn off 431 onto Hillcrest Avenue, then on to Mill Street and some of them have no regard for the speed limit," he said. The council agreed to let Mayor Tim Coe and Police Chief Jay Stone decide on the type of speed breakers and where they need to be placed. Graham thanked the mayor and council on behalf of the residents on the street and for acting so quickly to help solve the problem.

In other business, the council:

  • Adopted an ordinance to issue a general obligation warrant for work to be done at the sewerage lagoon. The town will supply the money and the utility board will pay the town back.
  • Adopted an ordinance regarding the use of the medians in downtown.
  • Agreed to allow the mayor to have additional property at the city cemetery surveyed and check on access from the adjacent property.
  • Commended the street department on the job they did with Christmas decorations and assistant clerk Danielle Turley for the work she did on the Christmas parade.

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