Roanoke City Council dealt with a variety of issues at their meeting on Nov. 25.

Guests Jimmy and Martha Bailey addressed the council again regarding the Brookside Drive curbing repair. "Thank you for what you are doing tonight and what you did last week. The street crew came out and worked on the curbing. It's not perfect, but it is considerably better than what it was, and I do thank them for coming out and taking care of that. The biggest concern is that the contractor did the job on what he thought should be done. But he didn't really have the correct specifications on what should be done. So, I ask the city to please have the correct specifications next time on a job like that. Once again, I would like to thank you all again for what you've done, and we appreciate it very much."

Mayor Mike Fisher replied, "If we are a good city, we will learn by our mistakes, so we appreciate you both and your comments."

The city of Roanoke approved ordinance 2019-11-02, which renamed Gaston Street (off of West Point Street) to Countess Lane after Countess Chapman.

The council approved to allow one of the dispatch workers for the police department to work as a police officer in order to have more manpower for the holidays and start of the new year.

Councilmember Mack Bell stated, "There is a bad dumping problem on Cole Drive. We are very serious about this dumping. There will be consequences if someone is caught doing this."

Councilmember Bronwyn Bishop informed the street department about a street sign that is down on the corner of Center Point and Cook streets closest to Highway 431.

Mayor Mike Fisher began the meeting by giving his condolences to the Williams family: "I would like to say my prayers and thoughts are with the family of County Sheriff John Williams Sr. from Lowndes County, Ala., who was shot and killed while on duty this past week." Sheriff Williams was responding to a call regarding a large group gathered in a gas station parking lot. He asked the individuals to turn their music down and disperse, and it was here when he was shot and killed.

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