Randolph County Economic Development Authority voted to purchase property adjacent to an industrial site.

During the February meeting, RCEDA voted to purchase the shopping center at the corner of Bud Cummings Road, which was previously own by Reliance Real Estate. The reason they purchased the land is because there is a lot of interest in the RCEDA industrial site and that was the final piece of the puzzle. RCEDA was given a great price, so they can regain their investment back in five and a half to six years. RCEDA now controls that entire site, but has office space available for possible tenants. The industrial site is 80 acres, and 24 of those are classified as an "Advantage Site." The shopping center property is directly connected to the Advantage Site.

Retail Strategies

The board voted to renew the yearly contract for Retail Strategies feeling they have laid a good groundwork in the first 12 months, but the board expects some type of results in the next 12 months. RCEDA director Bryant Whaley commented that Retail Strategies is working on promoting various sites in the county, and they are pushing those sites to various companies.

Authority officers

The board held elections and elected Rodd Hineman of County Commission District 4 as the new RCEDA chairman. Jared Kirby, who represents the town of Wedowee, was elected co-chair. Adam Slay, who represents County Commission District 3, was elected secretary. Mary Ann Cleveland, who represents the town of Wadley, remained as the board treasurer. The RCEDA board is made of five county commission districts, four municipalities and two legislative appointees. An elected official or an elected body appoints each of them. Other members of the board include: from County Commission District 1 - Wendell Shelton, County Commission District 2 - Bob Siverson, County Commission District 5 - Marian Royston, City of Roanoke - Ken Seiffert, Town of Woodland - David Sears, Rep. Fincher's appointee - Bob Triplett; and Gerald Dial's appointee - Richard Laird. The board was established within a staggered time frame, that so everyone rotates off at different times.

Director's raise

Upon review of internal, local and statewide recommendations, the RCEDA voted to give the executive director an 11.25 percent raise from $45,000 to $50,000. The recommendations, plus another year of experience, along Whaley's new educational certificates made him an easy recommendation for a raise. Whaley now has certifications in the following: Auburn University GEDI: Business & Industry Marketing & Attraction; Auburn University GEDI: Attracting Retail; Auburn University GEDI: Essentials in Economic Development; Auburn University GEDI: Building Community; Auburn University GEDI: Building Workforce; and Auburn University: GEDI: ACCMA: Laws and Ethics for Public Management.

He has completed the following courses: University of Alabama Applied Economics Course; Intensive Economic Training Course from Auburn University; and EDAA Leadership Institute. Bryant is on multiple state agencies and speaks at conference across the state.


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