Everywhere signs

The Roanoke City Council discussed the prevalence of temporary roadside signs like the ones seen here at the intersection of Highway 431 and the entrance to Walmart.

The Roanoke City Council and Mayor Mike Fisher at Monday's city council meeting addressed concerns about the number of temporary advertising signs that have cropped up throughout the city.

Fisher read an email from a concerned citizen who requested the city step in and do something about the signs.

Fisher agreed the issue is worthy of the town's attention and noted the city already has an ordinance in place prohibiting temporary signs, such as political yard signs or business advertisements, on city property.

The city routinely removes signs from its property when need arises, and Fisher noted their policy is to store the sign instead of destroying it, and to let the owner know of the town's ordinance.

The city has no jurisdiction over removing signs that appear along state highways, however. So signs on 431 or 22 fall under the authority of the Alabama State Highway Department.

Fisher also noted if a sign is placed anywhere on private property, the owner of that property has the right to remove it, but the city cannot remove signs from private property.

Expenditures approved

In two separate actions at Monday's meeting, the council approved a total of approximately $15,000 in expenditures.

The larger portion of those costs will go to repair Shady Lane, the road that connects Industrial Boulevard to the Candlewick Yarns parking lot. The road sustains heavy traffic from tractor-trailers coming in and out of the Candlewick docks, and that traffic has created significant disrepair to the road.

Candlewick previously requested the city resurface the road since Shady Lane is a city road and not the property of Candlewick. The city then accepted bids for the project, which led to Monday's approval of the $10,300 price tag for the work.

Council members noted this small-scale paving project will not interfere with the upcoming resurfacing of LaFayette Highway.

The rest of the spending approved at Monday's meeting will go toward the purchase of a backup generator for fire station No. 2. Fire Chief Ronald Cameron presented the council with a cost of $4,947 for the generator, which will provide power for the station in the event of an outage. The station currently has no backup system in place.

Two hires

The council also approved the addition of two people to the city's payroll Monday. Cinquese Nelson's application to the police reserves was approved, as was the creation of a part-time position at city hall that was designated to be filled by a local student. The position was approved, but has not yet been filled.


Fisher read two letters of gratitude from the community. The first came from Alvin Thornton, who is the chair of the Randolph County Training School Scholarship Foundation (RCTSSF).

In his letter Thornton invited the mayor and council to participate in the Randolph County Training School reunion, which is scheduled for July 26-28.

Thornton noted that the RCTSSF awarded seven scholarships to Handley students this year, which brought their total to 67 scholarships awarded since 2005.

"We are very proud of the service we have been able to provide to the community," Thornton stated in the letter.

Fisher also read a letter from Chamber of Commerce director Dorothy Tidwell in which she thanked the city for making its resources available for the Summer on Main festival that took place earlier this month.


• Councilman Mack Arthur Bell invited his fellow council members and the town's citizens to attend the second annual business expo and health fair at the former National Guard armory on June 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The expo will feature information from local businesses as well as healthy living, and the bloodmobile will be on hand to accept blood donations.

• Cameron invited the council to designate a time to visit the new Poole-Fisher Community Center to provide their input on how to furnish and outfit the building's interior. Renovations at the building have progressed to the point where the details of the interior need to be decided on.

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