Coming Spring Semester 2018, Southern Union State Community College will offer a new Swift app development program, using curriculum from Apple.

The app development courses will aide students of any age to properly code and design apps for mobile devices. Linda North, dean of academics at SUSCC, says this course has ample opportunities to work its way into Southern Union's regular curriculum. "As of right now, the course offers a short certificate upon completion, which is nine credit hours a semester," said North.

At its introduction in January, there are three courses within the app development program: the introduction, which is spanned throughout the whole semester; a prerequisite class, which will be a mini term class; and a second class, which will also be a mini term.

The Swift curriculum has been introduced throughout the Alabama Community College System. By the fall of 2018, the app development course will be offered at every community college in Alabama.

North commented that the app development course offers community college students an opportunity to eventually acquire a job in something they have grown up accustomed to. Southern Union will be fitted with an Apple computer lab, giving students the opportunity to do all of their course work and practice in and out of class on campus, saving students money by having access to the Apple software at school.

Instructors and teachers for the course will be trained by Apple. There are 28 slots available for the program. "This program will give students the advantage of becoming certified in a field that is rapidly growing with no signs of slowing down any time soon. In Alabama alone, there are 4,438 jobs that could be fulfilled by getting certified in this program," added North. "The app development courses also pose the opportunity for students to work at jobs that create apps for Apple products, which can easily be done from home."

Registration for spring semester at Southern Union begins Nov. 8. New students may register in person on Nov. 28 and 29 in Opelika or Nov. 30 in Wadley and Valley. For more information on the Swift app development curriculum, contact North at 334-745-6437.

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