Randolph County Extension will serve as a weigh-in site for the state’s largest weight-loss and exercise pro­gram, Scale Back Alabama. In its 14th year, the program has resulted in millions of pounds lost and lots of healthy habits formed, and the 2020 challenge starts next week.

Adults in teams of two can go online at www.scalebackalabama. com to register for the free program and then go to Randolph County Extension to weigh in at the follow­ing times Jan. 21 from 8 to 11 a.m. and Jan. 23 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If these times and dates are not con­venient, contact Rachael at the Extension office for other times. All participants must be 18 years of age and older, live or work in Alabama and must weigh in at an official site to be eligible to participate. Those who lose at least 10 pounds will be included in the cash prize drawings on April 21.

Weigh-in week is Jan. 20 - Jan. 26, and the weigh-in location will be at Randolph County Extension office with Rachael Graham as the coordi­nator. The Randolph County Extension office is located on the second floor of Randolph County Courthouse in Wedowee. Contact Rachael at 256-357-2841 for more questions.

Scale Back Alabama is a collabo­ration of the Alabama Hospital Association, the Alabama Department of Public Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

For more information, visit www. scalebackalabama.com or visit us on Facebook.

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