Probate Judge George Diamond implemented a new system for voting in the Dec. 12 special election.

It was piloted in 2016 where counties could use iPads containing the voters list. He said he will probably use 20 poll workers for the June primary while normally it would take 60 of 61.

Diamond expects to save about $15,000 when you combine the primary, run-off and general election. He is the county's election officer, and funding for elections comes out of his general fund for elections.

Poll workers and inspectors are paid $25 for attending school. Each inspector is paid $100 and each poll worker is paid $75 for working election day.

The iPads will cut down on lines as workers quickly find voters without having to flip through books. They can process someone in 25 to 30 seconds. The old way took much longer.

You can vote only if your name is highlighted. The machine will show where you need to vote. If for some reason you are not on the list, you can still vote a provisional ballot, and it will be counted in seven days, Diamond said.

As far as doing anything to preserve materials for Roy Moore's potential challenge of the U.S. Senate election, Diamond said anything to do with a federal office is held for 22 months; otherwise it is held for six months. "The goal is to have the iPads at every voting site. We put 19 in operation in ten locations the last election," he said. They also have a printed list as a backup.

The iPads run on electricity, but he has battery packs for them in case they are needed.

"No location had any problems. The workers loved them and the voters did too," he said.

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