At Monday's meeting of Roanoke Utilities Board, manager Jerry Revis told the board they had received a check in the amount of $20,800 for reimbursement after repairs were made following storm damage earlier this year.

The two locations were at the intersection of County Road 59 and Highway 431 and on Highway 431 near NAPA Auto Parts.

Property right of way

The board agreed to seek a right of way from Lamar Davis to property adjacent to Walmart and behind Advance Auto Parts and O'Reily Auto Parts. Supervisor Brent Wilson told the board if someone wants to build in this location, they would have water access but no gas and sewer. The board agreed to have their attorney draw up a right-of-way agreement and send to Davis.

Fire hydrant replacements

The board discussed a problem with two fire hydrants that are not working on Guy Street and Kirk Street. Two estimates were presented to the board, one for $16,200 and the other for $15,520. After a brief discussion, the board voted to table any repairs until they could see how the income is over the next couple of months.

Manager's report

In his report, Revis gave the following updates:

A water main on Knight Avenue was ripped out of the ground by a falling tree during the recent tropical storm. Repair costs were $7,800 to replace the line. Revis said this amount would be submitted to FEMA for possible reimbursement.

The department has some new employees and all employees have new uniforms.

The auditor is currently working on the audit and as of now everything looks good.

Two employees will go to pipeline training.

A new gas tap was installed on North Main Street and Highway 22 for a new restaurant to be located there.

The estimated income for gas usage this winter is some $777,710. Revis said the company that makes these estimates did not specify any type of forecast of how much cold weather is expected this year.

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