Roanoke City Board of Education spent the majority of their meeting on Tuesday evening of last week approving a lengthy personnel action sheet to make sure all three city schools will be staffed for the 2021-2022 school year that will begin in August.

The board approved the following:

  • the retirement of Jean Smith, kindergarten teacher at Knight-Enloe Elementary School, effective May 28.
  • the resignations of Torre Pike from his position as special education teacher at Handley High School, effective May 28; Katie Dye from her position as science teacher at HHS, effective May 28; Olivia Rumohr from her position as second-grade teacher at KES, effective May 28; and Holli McManus from her position as lead nurse at HHS, effective May 10.
  • the transfers of Denise Smith from eighth-grade English teacher at HMS to English teacher at HHS; Angie Johnson from guidance counselor at HMS to guidance counselor at HHS; Dustin Snyder from HMS COVID mitigation teacher to special education teacher at HHS; Franca Mignon Burton from special education aide to special education teacher at KES; Taylor Bowen from pre-K auxiliary aide to elementary teacher at KES; and Donna Nolan from kindergarten teacher at KES to reading interventionist at KES.
  • for Timothy Haynes to receive a $1,200 supplement for assistant track coach, retroactively to Feb. 23.

The following new employees were approved for the upcoming school year:

  • Daniel Byrd as seventh-grade social studies teacher at HMS
  • Charles Whiddon as science teacher at HHS
  • Jessica Horn as math teacher at HHS
  • Kimberly Whiddon as elementary teacher at KES
  • Wanda Vaughans as special education teacher, who will service students at all three schools
  • Katelyn Murphy as student/staff support coordinator for Roanoke City Schools
  • Cathy Fetner as elementary teacher at KES
  • Nathan Bevels as special education aide at KES
  • Jarvis Atkinson as custodian at KES
  • Jessie Tooker as lead nurse at HHS.

The board also approved:

  • Wallace Williamson and Christina Williamson substitute teachers, with Mr. Williamson hired as substitute support personnel.
  • the continuing status of: Lindsey Rowell and Heather Starley at KES, Charlee Boldin, Lesli Craven and Tiffany Synychak at HMS and Melissa Nelson, Colleen Norred, Hannah Snyder and Cadie Tipton at HHS.

Contract agreements

The board approved the following contracts:

  • Susan Smith to provide extended-year services to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) students. The fee will be $25 per hour payable by Roanoke City Board of Education on a monthly basis upon receipt and validation of time sheets. This service will begin on June 1 and end on July 30. The total amount of this contract will not exceed $500 and will come from IDEA-B and IDEA-Preschool funds.
  • Shannan Platzek and Jeana Combs to provide extended-year services to IDEA students. The fee will be $25 per hour payable by Roanoke City BOE on a monthly basis upon receipt and validation of time sheets. This service will begin on June 1 and end on July 30. The total amount of this contract will not exceed $500 and will come from IDEA-B funds.
  • Amanda Yarbrough to provide documentation of the gifted child process for Roanoke City Schools' students. The fee will be $25 per hour payable by Roanoke City BOE on a monthly basis upon receipt and validation of time sheets. This service will begin on June 1 and end on July 30. The total amount of this contract will not exceed $500 and will come from gifted funds and/or general funds.
  • Roanoke City Schools and Jefferson County Purchasing Division to continue the Purchasing Association of Central Alabama (PACA) in order to provide joint bidding collaboration for goods and services and increase purchasing power for smaller agencies.
  • Contract with Merredith Sears to assist with student scheduling at HHS. She will be paid at the rate of $25/hour on an as-needed basis from local funds.

Superintendent's report

- May 3-7 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Marcum thanked all of the teachers for the outstanding work they have done this year under difficult conditions. He said, "I feel strongly that no one has done a better job than Roanoke City Schools in providing a quality education in a safe environment during this pandemic. Our teachers are the primary reason for our successful year. You are the ones in the classroom who make the most impact. Dr. Kim Hendon often says, 'The only silver bullet in a classroom is the teacher.' Our students are blessed to have the quality of teachers that we have in Roanoke City Schools."

- In addition to teacher appreciation, the school system has had Principal's Day and Nurse's Day. Marcum thanked the principals and nurses for their work during this challenging year. These staff members have spent a lot of time together during the year working on COVID issues.

- May 7 was School Lunch Hero Day. Marcum is proud of the work the lunchroom workers do each day to provide meals to the students. COVID created many challenges this year, such as working understaffed, delivering lunchrooms to classrooms, etc. These ladies have met every challenge. They are important members of the Handley family.

- On May 3, the 32nd Annual Academic Excellence Banquet was held. This banquet recognizes the top academic students at HHS. In all, 85 students were recognized for their outstanding work. The speaker was Vince Bonner (Class of 2011), who is in medical school at UAB. He delivered a great message to students that contained four points on how to be successful. Marcum said, "I am proud of the emphasis that HHS places on academics."

- Marcum enjoyed attending the HHS Spring Choral Concert on May 18. The students did a great job under the direction of Kathy and Steve Murphy. The superintendent said, "We are blessed in Roanoke City Schools to have talented students and instructors, as well as our historic auditorium in which to perform. These three ingredients make for great productions. I especially want to thank our four seniors: Serena Askew, Ariana Kyles, Rachel Prestridge and Lindsey Williamson, who were recognized at the concert."

Summer food service program

Roanoke City Schools will host a summer food service program at HMS beginning June 1. This will be a grab-and-go meal through July 30, with the exception of July 5 to 9 to observe the Fourth of July.

HHS Child Nutrition Program (CNP) manager Mary Cagle, HMS CNP manager Wendy Brown and KES CNP manager LaDonia Bonner will split the responsibilities for managing the program. Cagle will work June 1-18. Brown will work June 21 to July 2. Bonner will work July 12-30. The three managers will work six hours/day at their regular hourly rate of pay.

CNP workers Ashley Terry, LaShawn Joiner, Brenda Ware and Imelda Burgess have agreed to work five hours/day at their regular rate of pay, splitting the SFSP dates. Additional child nutrition workers will rotate to work five hours/day to complete their professional development hours. In addition, substitutes Allison Clark and Shirley Magby will split the two months and will work three hours/day for 1/2 substitution regular rate of pay to assist CNP staff.

These employees are responsible for preparing the food, packaging, cleanup and completing the necessary documentation required by the program. Meals for our closed sites: KES, HHS, Boys & Girls Club, Explorer Camp (Roanoke Police Department), HHS Field House at Wright Field and New Life Worship Center will be picked up, and a roll call will be given to the managers for record keeping. The funding from these salaries will come from the Child Nutrition reimbursement funds received from the Child Nutrition Program, Alabama Department of Education and USDA.

To continue efforts to increase the number of Roanoke City School students served this summer, the summer food service program will continue to prepare and hand out both breakfast and lunch. HMS lunchroom is going to be an open site from 10:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. to serve a grab-and-go meal to any child not over the age of 18, a breakfast and lunch.

KES summer and reading camp programs

The summer kinder camp program at KES will be from July 14-17 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. each day with six teachers and the counselor at 2.5 hours per day. This will be for upcoming kindergarten students. The following certified staff will be paid at the rate of $40/hour. This will be funded through ESSER II: Taylor Bowen, Kimberly Whiddon, Donna Owens, Sabrina Meinzer, Jessica Hendricks, Tiffany Potts and counselor Brent Meadows.

The summer reading camp program at KES will be held from June 7-30, Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (not to exceed six hours per day). Certified staff will be paid at the rate of $40/hour, and this will be funded through ESSER II/local funds. The staff will include: Donna Owens, Brittany Brown, Michelle Bennett, Melissa Hill, Susan Smith, Autumn Arnett, Janna Wigley, Melissa Fetner, Olivia Rumohr, Tina Glass, Tiffany Rushing, Elisha Williams and counselor Brent Meadows. Non-certified staff will be paid at the rate of $20/hour, and this will be funded through ESSER II/local funds: Twana Dozier, Pam Williams, Migon Burton, Sherry Everett, Megan Baker and Diane Tigner.

KES AlaKiDS Assessment Training

Kimberly Whiddon and Taylor Bowen will attend the AlaKiDS assessment training for two days at three hours/day. (This assessment is state required). They will be paid $25/hour, and this will be funded through ESSER II/local funds.

HHS summer school

The summer school program at HHS will be held from June 8 - July 28. There will be certified math, English, science and history teachers to be named later.

HHS Outdoor Education Center

Coach Jody Pike will be paid at the rate of $25 per hour to work at the OEC during the summer as needed. Total time worked will not exceed 25 hours per week, and the funding source will be the general fund.

Handley Freshman Academy

A freshmen academy for incoming freshmen at HHS will be held for two days (Monday, July 19, and Tuesday, July 20). This program will run five hours each day. Certified staff will be paid at the rate of $40/hour. This will be funded through ESSER II funds. There will be a maximum of six teachers used on an as-needed basis.

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