WEDOWEE - Wedowee Town Council approved the budget for this fiscal year at the Oct. 1 meeting.

The budget includes a total revenue of $1,654,800. The greatest portion of the town's revenue comes from sales taxes ($1.1 million) and business licenses ($150,000). The alcohol taxes and licenses also provide a large source of this revenue with the alcohol tax generating $39,000 and alcohol licensures generating $4,500.

All expenses for the 2019/2020 fiscal year are expected to add up to a total of $1,510,800. Expenses included are from administration ($229,500), the police department ($643,200), fire department ($36,900), street department ($288,350), nutrition center ($55,700), municipal court ($119,500) and parks and recreation ($137,650).

For comparison, the budget from last year (2018/2019 fiscal year) consisted of a revenue of $1,574,450 with expenses totaling at $1,472,125. This year's budget is expected to have a surplus of $144,000. That is a $41,675 surplus increase from last year's budget. This year's budget will also include a 3 percent pay increase for all full-time employees.

Family Fun Day

Wedowee Family Fun Day was discussed once again at last week's town council meeting. This was the last meeting before the big day. WFFD will be Oct. 12 and will be in honor of the bicentennial celebration of Alabama. There will be games, concessions, music, fireworks and dancing, among the many activities.

Other business

Family Dollar's request for an alcohol license was approved. They will sell beer and wine.

Johnny Tatum was approved to take the place of Sylvester Parker on the planning commission.

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