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It was a chaotic time for Roanoke Police when a gunshot victim and his alleged shooter arrived at the police station parking lot at just about the same time.

According to the report, Roanoke Police received through E-911 information about an open-line call with an argument going on in the background, and an officer went to respond to the call at about 1:45 a.m. Tuesday. Then 911 stated that a caller said he had taken a gun from a subject and shot him, and then that person ran away.

About this time, a woman ran into the lobby of Roanoke Police Department asking for help. In a car in the parking lot was a man with a gunshot wound, identified as Leon Nunn, 24, of Roanoke.

While awaiting an ambulance for Nunn, another car pulled up. Christopher Allen pulled up with his hands up and said he had shot someone. He told officers he had also brought the gun with him.

Allen, 39, of 836 County Rd. 35, Roanoke, told police an assault was about to take place against him while visiting a house on Randolph Street in the mill village. That's when he picked up a gun and fired.

Nunn was taken by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center.

Police Chief Adam Melton said the incident is under investigation. Nunn and two other males have not yet been interviewed about everything that happened. Allen was released for the time being until they know more about what actually happened and what charges might apply.

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