As of Tuesday afternoon, Randolph County stood directly in the predicted path of a weakening Hurricane Sally, which should bring heavy rains and potential localized flooding to the area.

Sally took a hit during the overnight hours Monday when she encountered a moderate to high mid- to upper-level wind shear environment. In addition, upwelling churned cooler waters to the surface. Hurricanes need warm water as fuel. Wind shear and upwelling caused a weakening trend Monday night.

Sally, also under the influence of a back door cold front, will turn northeast as it comes inland today and move across south central and east Alabama. It will roughly follow I-65 to a point just south of Montgomery then I-85 east to the Georgia line. The heaviest rain and severe weather threat will be confined to the center of circulation and south.

On this track, Randolph County can expect 3- to 6-inch rain totals with localized higher amounts possible. The heaviest rains should arrive by mid-afternoon Wednesday and continue through Wednesday night exiting east Alabama by sunrise Thursday morning.

It will be breezy Wednesday with wind gusts of 25 to 35 mph common. A few higher gusts of 40 mph will be possible in the higher elevations of northeast Randolph County. The severe weather threat, including tornadoes, is low but cannot be completely ruled out especially south of I-85.

With 3 to 6 inches of rain and gusty winds of 25 to 35 mph, a few trees could fall, but I do not anticipate widespread tree damage or loss of power. You will likely hear of catastrophic flooding along our Alabama coast today. However, Sally will weaken quickly as she moves inland.

I caution you that a track shift of 50 miles north or south across Alabama will make a huge difference in what you will receive at your house. Stay weather aware today and tonight.

Did someone mention football? High school football looks great Friday night. The weather will be fantastic Friday through the weekend with sunny days and cool nights.

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