WEDOWEE - At a ceremony in the big courtroom of Randolph County Courthouse on Wednesday of last week, which happened to be Veterans Day, three newly elected county commissioners joined two veteran ones.

Randolph County Probate Judge George Diamond swore in all five commissioners to start a new four-year term. Larry Roberts of District 2 and Derek Farr of District 4 will joined by newly elected commissioners Pam Johnson of District 3, Lorenzo Foster of District 5 and Chris Brown of District 2. All five commissioners expressed their appreciation to the voters in their districts for their confidence and support and said they would do what is best for their district and Randolph County.

Retiring District 5 Commissioner Lathonia Wright congratulated the five and said they would be in his prayers. He said, "I will miss being part of this commission, but I am looking for you to do great things and moving our county forward. I served for many years, and I saw ups and downs, and I know you will too. Just take the bad with the good."

Following the ceremony, the commissioners moved to the annex for an organizational meeting. In the first order of business, the commission agreed to continue their regular meetings on the second and fourth Mondays at 3 p.m. A workshop meeting will be held on Thursday prior to the regular meeting.

The commission approved a rotating chairmanship with each commissioner serving as chairman for a period of nine months. Commissioner Farr stated he would like to see a chairman who would serve four years. "I think it would be beneficial for the county and give us some stability," Farr said. It was then noted the county is under a court order that the chairman must be rotated every nine months to give each commissioner a chance to serve. If a commissioner wishes to, they can pass over the chairman position to the next in line. In the approved rotation, Commissioner Roberts will serve as the first chairman, followed by Foster, Farr, Johnson and Brown.

Rules were established for a time limit for public speakers. It was agreed, for public hearings the time limit will be 3 minutes and for general speakers 10 minutes.

At the conclusion of the meeting, each commissioner congratulated the others and promised to work in unity for the betterment of Randolph County.

The first workshop meeting for the new commission will be this Thursday with the first regular meeting on Monday, Nov. 23.

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