Rock City barn

Folsom's Morrison family is making sure their treasure of the past has a future. The family recently contracted with CBM Construction to make repairs to their Rock City barn.

"We do lots of restoration. I love restoring old houses. It's tough, but it warms the heart to remember the good old days," said contractor David Lee.

Lee's team took down the lean too and stalls that were collapsing. They replaced the rotted wood on the gable end. They also replaced some tin with some they had removed from another barn they tore down.

He said, "We then put a coat of paint on the letters. It was tough; we had to have ropes and harnesses. Torri Alsabrook and David Hill were a great help. C.B.M. Construction is the name of our company. C.B.M. stands for Christian Brothers Ministry. We do free charity work once a month. I know as long as I include God in my plans I will succeed."

Rock City, a tourist attraction on Lookout Mountain, Ga. (but according to some of the barns, you can see seven states), hired Clark Byers to go around the country and paint the barns as an advertising gimmick. Byers painted 900 barns in 19 states from 1935 to 1969. Only about a dozen in Alabama remain. The Morrisons' barn roof says, "When you see Rock City, you see the best."

According to Gloria Morrison, the barn was built by her husband Truman's grandfather. She's not certain how old the barn is, but the house is approaching 200 years old. She and her husband previously lived there, but now it's home to her daughter and son-in-law, Talia and Reco Sims, and their children. Gloria said it is important to Talia that the barn be preserved.

The Rock City barn is at 12874 Old Hwy. 431. Drive by and see it. It will make you smile.

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