At a Zoom meeting of Roanoke Utilities Board, last week, the board received a clean report on their yearly audit. The audit showed no error of findings resulting in a clean report. The report did show a $316,000 loss and some $600,000 in depreciation. The depreciation means there was some expense but no cash out.

Manager's report

In the manager's report from Jerry Revis, he said there is quite a bit of used equipment and that needs to be declared surplus for sale. The equipment consists of axles and side arms. The board approved the equipment as surplus.

Revis said the board is still working with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for reimbursement/payment for damage during the hurricanes. A main water line in the mill village was seriously damaged. He said, "We hope to close this thing out soon and get some money for the damage."

The manager told the board the utilities office is having some problems with the server on the main computer system. "We have patched it up, but if one day it crashes, we will have some real problems." Revis went on to say a new server would cost some $7,260, which includes installation. The board approved the purchase and agreed the sooner the better.

Revis old the board a decision needs to be made on employees at the treatment plant. He said,"We're going to have one retiring, and we have got to have a licensed operator out there. Do we want to open it up to our current employees to be certified, or do we want to hire someone that is already certified?" After a brief discussion, the board tentatively agreed to open the position for current employees, but agreed they hate to lose any employee off the current crew because they have a good crew now.

In the last order of business, Board Chairman Ron Cameron announced the next meeting would be held in person at the utility office next month, if the number of COVID cases continues to decrease.

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