Roanoke Utilities Board held a brief Zoom meeting online Monday afternoon during which they discussed the work done by Randolph County Commission at Crystal Lake but took no action.

Mike McCormick of The Randolph Leader stated he knew Randolph County Commission had sent Roanoke Utility Board another bill for the work at Crystal Lake. McCormick questioned if this matter had been discussed and requested to be filled in on the issue.

Board Chairman Ron Cameron stated the board and manager had not discussed the matter. He stated he had questioned both of his managers and neither one of them had received a letter or bill.

Board member Walter Sudduth stated a workshop would need to be held to discuss the options on the matter. "The board will not make a fast decision on the matter," Sudduth said. Cameron added, "Until things get back to normal and the board can sit down and meet face to face, nothing is going to be done. We will also need to sit down face to face with the commission, in an open meeting and not behind closed doors. The commission should not be expecting to hear anything from the board anytime soon."

Sudduth stated he read in the paper that the most recent letter/bill/statement, whatever, was sent to the City of Roanoke. He added he feels the board needs to meet and go over the information Roanoke Utility Board has and not just the information the commission has.

Cameron stated he would like to see a detailed itemized bill of all the work.

Morris stated he feels that Roanoke Utility Board customers are county residents, and he would like to know why Roanoke Utility Board is being charged.

Revis stated that to his knowledge nobody who could make decisions for Roanoke Utility Board asked for this work to be done. He said, "It was the commission's decision to put all of these pumps in and do all that work, not ours."

The board agreed that no decisions would be made in the next 30 days.

Shop bay doors

Revis stated two of the doors in the shop are broken and the other two doors are in bad shape. He said one of the doors had been hit with a piece of equipment, and the crew had to work with the door just to get it to close. The manager contacted a company in Carrollton, and they quoted him a price of $7,000 to replace all four doors and install automatic door openers on each of the doors. After a brief discussion, board member Walter Sudduth made a motion to purchase the doors and have the automated door openers installed with the stipulation that the shop doors are to be closed when the crew is not in the shop. William Morris seconded the motion, adding that the area around the doors needs to be kept clear as well. The board unanimously approved the motion.

Disconnection list and late fees

Last month no late fees were added to unpaid balances and no disconnection list was compiled due to the COVID-19 virus. Revis stated there are currently about 30 customers left on the cut-off list from the previous month. "I wanted to make sure the board members were in agreement that late fees were to be added this month, and the disconnection list was to be ran this month," Revis said. The board agreed that late fees are to be added and the disconnection list is to be processed this month.

Municipal Water Pollution Resolution Report

Revis stated the Municipal Water Pollution Resolution Report had been completed. He said this is the report the board members need to sign. He requested for each board member to come by and sign the report. The report needs to be mailed to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management before June 14.

Water meter problems

Revis stated that Empire Pipe is currently changing out the water meters. Many of the current meters had been giving problems. The meters are free since they were faulty. He stated he is not satisfied with the quality of the meters from Empire Pipe, and in the future as meters need to be replaced, he would like to start replacing them with another brand.

Jetter machine

Revis stated when the jetter machine was placed on the new truck bed, it did not work. The truck bed had to be removed for the jetter to be able to be used. He said the truck bed needs to be declared surplus and sold. William Morris questioned if the truck bed was not one of the new lease vehicles. After discussion it was decided to place the truck bed under the shed on blocks and revisit the issue at a later date.

COVID-19 Update

Revis stated he had been working from home, and everyone had been working different schedules for about three weeks due to the COVID-19 virus. He said everyone came back to work on April 27. At the present time there is not any problem with the hours, so if it becomes necessary to work a different schedule in the future, it can be done.

Water, gas usage during virus and budget report

Revis stated gas and water usage is much lower due to COVID-19. Revis added with the industries being closed, gas usage was lower than it had ever been in the month of April. A far as the budget, he said the April budget had been completed, and Roanoke Utility Board made money for the month. Revis added that for the fiscal year, Roanoke Utility Board is still in the red.

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