Roanoke moved one step closer Monday to a major repaving project in the city, but obstacles still remain to see that project get underway.

Roanoke City Council reviewed a cost analysis from Harmon Engineering at Monday's council meeting with an eye on pursuing a $250,000 grant from the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). If the city is awarded that grant, it would use it to fund a complete repaving of Franklin Road.

Franklin Road connects North Main Street with Highway 431 north of Walmart and is also where Traylor's Retirement Home resides. The road sustains heavy daily traffic and has fallen into disrepair, bringing consistent complaints from local motorists.

Harmon Engineering's analysis of the road projects a price tag of just over $400,000 to do what city zoning administrator Tim Jacobs called "a total reclamation" of the road, which involves digging up all of the current paving and laying down a completely new driving surface with proper drainage. The only portion of the road that would not be redone is the short bridge that spans the creek that crosses the road.

The deadline to apply for the ALDOT grant is Friday, so the council agreed to move forward with the application.

The city would be required to fund the estimated $150,000 of the project not covered by the grant. Mayor Jill Patterson-Hicks said the city currently has over $320,000 in gas tax revenue that could be applied to that cost.

If the city is not approved for the grant, the project would not take place.

Jacobs did not know when the city will find out if it is awarded the grant, but said it could be sometime this spring.

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