Roanoke Rehabilitation and Healthcare issued a statement on Tuesday about how they have been affected by the coronavirus.

In a release from Ball Healthcare Services in Mobile, the parent company of Roanoke Healthcare, Monday, May 4, a part-time employee tested positive for the coronavirus. This person is currently asymptomatic and quarantining at home. The center notified Randolph County Health Department and Alabama Department of Health of the case. The center informed all residents, their families and staff members.

For several weeks before the case was reported, the center restricted visitation and implemented infection control protocols in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In addition to the daily cleaning and sanitizing provided by the staff, the facility was professionally cleaned and disinfected last week as a part of the ongoing proactive efforts towards COVID prevention.

Last week's statement said, "The health, safety and well-being of our residents and staff are our top priority. We appreciate the understanding and patience of the residents' family members and want them to know our staff members are committed to continuing our present level of care for their loved ones."

Vice-President of Ball Healthcare Sharon Prince-Moore said Tuesday that 100 percent of residents and staff have been tested. "We made sure there were no further dangers to our staff and residents. As part of Gov. Kay Ivey's program, we utilized the services of the Alabama National Guard on Monday to disinfect our facilities as they have so many others around the state."

Moore said her office would keep everyone updated as the pandemic continues.


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