WEDOWEE - At last Tuesday's Wedowee Town Council meeting, business owner Gene Crouch made a request to the council to help with additional parking in front of his business, Old Waters Inn at Wedowee.

Crouch and his partners recently purchased the old motel and completely remodeled it. "We have put a lot of work into this, and we need some additional parking out front. I have contacted the state highway department and even met with them, but they declined any type of modifications," he said.

Crouch suggested some additional parallel parking would be available if the median in front of the motel were narrowed a bit. "I think it could be done with a minimum amount of work, and I m requesting your help with this matter."

Mayor Time Coe said he has a good working relationship with the state and he would contact them.

Grant for paving

Mayor Coe said he had been in contact with Nelson and Company concerning a possible grant for street paving and drainage improvements. He said, "We could get at least $250,000 for this work, and I have been dealing with Nelson for a long time, and their record of success is very good."

After some discussion by the mayor and council, a resolution was adopted to allow the company to apply for the grant. Should the town receive the grant, possible projects include Heard Street, Crystal Cove Road, King David Turner Road and Woodland Avenue from Highway 431 to the elementary/middle school. A final decision will be made if the grant is approved.

In other business, Mayor Coe stated there were a couple of vacancies on the Zoning and Planning Commission and asked council members to come up with some nominees who would be willing to serve.

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