Car in pond

CRAGFORD - A Lineville man was arrested on Friday following a strange series of events in the Cragford community.

Cragford Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tony McCormick saw an individual pulled over at the intersection of Blake's Ferry Road and Cragford Road. The individual was in a silver vehicle, which seemed to be OK at the time.

The driver told the chief his wife and daughter had been abducted by a man in a 4Runner. "I asked the man if he had called 911, and the man said, 'No,' so I asked him for his address. The man basically told me to get the (expletive omitted) out of Dodge," McCormick said.

He added Cragford Fire Department had been paged out to this person's house a couple of months ago, but there was no sign of a fire. After the encounter, McCormick decided it might be a good idea to call Clay County Sheriff's Office to let them know what happened.

After the men separated, it was not long until McCormick saw the man and the car again. This time the whole front end was torn out from under the vehicle, and the sides were damaged, plus the vehicle was traveling at a high speed, so McCormick called 911 again. Clay County Sheriff's officers also responded, along with one each from Ashland and Lineville police departments.

Soon, he meet two Randolph County Sheriff's vehicles as they had been called due to a burglary alarm at a nearby residence (in places in the area in question, one side of the road is in Randolph County and the other is in Clay County).

The Randoph County Deputies were dispatched to a home on Cragford Road where the homeowners had seen someone stealing from their house on a home security camera. The suspect then took their silver Toyota Camry from their house.

Randolph County Deputies met the car as it was leaving the house. It hit a brick wall as it left the property. Then in the chase, it went through a barbed wire fence before landing in the pond.

After bailing out of the car, the man entered the residence of Lisa Bishop and tried to run through the house and out in an effort to get away. Reports indicate Bishop somehow got the subject in her car and carried him to the scene where officers had found the vehicle in the pond.

He was taken into custody by Randolph County Sheriff's officers since the burglary he had allegedly committed was on that side of the road.

Clay County Sheriff Jim Studdard praised McCormick for his role in the capture, along with his officers, Randolph County and the officers from Ashland and Lineville.

"One of the things I've worked on is developing a good relationship with the Ashland and Lineville police departments and also the sheriff's offices in Randolph and other neighboring counties. None of our agencies have enough by themselves to handle critical situations, but by working together we can fight crime anywhere in the county," Studdard said. "Chief McCormick's involvement was also critical in finding this person before he hurt somebody, and I commend him for getting involved. We encourage anyone who sees anything suspicious to notify law enforcement, and that is what he did."

The suspect, Michael Aaron Boyd, 24, of 1290 Pleasant Hill Lane, Lineville, was charged with third-degree burglary, first-degree theft of property and second-degree theft of property.

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