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The Randolph County Animal Shelter has partnered with other organizations to provide convenient spaying and neutering services for pets.

In an effort to control the animal population, Randolph County Animal Shelter is working with Citizens for the Welfare of Animals in Clay County (CWACC) to provide low cost spay and neuter for area cats and dogs. Pets are transported to Irondale outside Birmingham to the Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic for surgeries. Over the past 10 years, the clinic has spayed/neutered over 100,000 cats and dogs. Over 3,000 of these pets have come from Randolph and Clay County transports.

Randolph County Animal Shelter helps distribute information about the low cost spay neuter and provides a safe location for transports. Employees at the shelter and volunteers assist with the transports. Each month approximately 30-35 pets leave the shelter to go to the clinic.

The local transport picks up and delivers back once a month in Randolph County at the Randolph County Animal Shelter and once a month at the Clay County Farmers Market. You do not have to live in these counties to send your pet on the transport. These locations are just central areas for pick-up and returns. Your pets leave early one morning and are returned the next morning. A truckload of dogs and cats were picked up at the shelter in Wedowee last Tuesday and returned last Wednesday. Pet owners drove through the shelter, stopped and picked up their pets.

According to records, over 150,000 cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters in Alabama each year. The local shelter is helping to reduce these numbers by providing safe, convenient, low-cost spay/neuter. Spaying/neutering your pet improves their health as well as reducing the number of puppies and kittens that frequently end up dumped along the side of the road or brought to the already crowded shelter.

Current prices for spay and neuter are: female dogs - $80; male dogs - $70; female cats - $60; male cats - $50. Rabies shots are $15.

The shelter also has a program called Trap-Neuter-Release for feral/community/free roaming cats. For just $40, these cats are spayed or neutered, receive a rabies shot and a respiratory infection vaccine. They also receive an ear tip (now a universal sign that a cat has been fixed and received necessary shots). Live traps are provided to catch these cats. All fees must be paid prior to the transport. Fees can be paid at the shelter, mailed to CWACC, or a debit/credit may be used

Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic frequently has grants that reduce the already low cost of spay neuter. Sometimes the local shelter can obtain grants that assist pet owners. Currently, the clinic has received a grant that allows seniors, disabled persons, SNAP and WIC recipients, and Military Hardship persons to have a cat or dog, male or female, spayed/neutered and receive a rabies shot for just $20. (Rabies shots are required by Alabama law for all pets.)

The shelter is allowed up to 20 recipients each month, probably through the end of the year, or until the funds are spent. Whenever the shelter receives a grant, they pass the information to the public to help with the cost of spay and neuter. They also accept donations to assist people who are unable to pay for their pets.

For more information about current restrictions because of the Covid-19 virus, please check the CWACC website: CWACC.net, or Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic website: alspay.org.

For information about these programs, to make a donation, or to place your pet on the transport schedule, please call Robyn Smith at 334-863-0101.

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