Wedowee logoon

MONTGOMERY - Gov. Kay Ivey has announced a $200,000 grant to the town of Wedowee that will improve its wastewater collection system and alleviate a potential health hazard.

Funds from the Appalachian Regional Commission will be used to help the town rehabilitate its wastewater lagoon. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has cited the facility for environmental infractions.

"Sewer services and wastewater facilities are a basic, but very necessary component of towns and cities," Ivey said. "I am thankful for our partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission and their ability to help towns like Wedowee with needed projects."

The town plans to dredge the 57-year-old sewage lagoon and remove sludge and install components to properly treat wastewater. The system serves more than 400 households and 70 businesses.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs administers the ARC program in Alabama.

"ADECA joins Gov. Ivey in valuing Alabama's partnership with the Appalachian Regional Commission and is appreciative of the improvements it has helped make in Alabama," ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell said.

ARC is an economic development agency of the federal government and 13 state governments. The agency's mission is to innovate, partner and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia to help the region achieve socioeconomic parity with the nation. Thirty-seven Alabama counties, including Randolph County, are part of the ARC region and eligible for funds.

ADECA manages a range of programs that support law enforcement, economic development, recreation development, energy conservation and water resource management.

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