A Roanoke man led deputies on a chase throughout the southeastern part of Randolph County on Thursday night of last week before he was finally stopped near New Hope.

A sheriff's deputy was responding to a call when noticed the white 2000 Nissan Maxima on County Road 67, continuously swerving into the southbound lane. When the deputy turned on the blue lights and attempted to stop the vehicle, it gained speed. The vehicle turned onto County Road 65 at Potash, running a stop sign. It then turned left onto County Road 59, running a second stop sign at Tin Shop.

He swerved into the grass and onto County Road 703, a dirt road behind Freedom Harbor Church. The dust was so heavy that the deputy lost sight of the car. The deputy continued down County Road 703 and turned back onto County Road 59. Then he noticed the car coming down County Road 704. The car came at him, and the deputy realized it was the same car. Pursuit continued on County Road 59 again.

The suspect turned onto County Road 131 near Welcome Home Church, again failing to stop at the stop sign. He turned right, failing to stop, onto County Road 16, then right on County Road 79 near Lebanon Church.

Roanoke Police Department was also notified as this was approaching their jurisdiction. The suspects turned right onto Highway 431. At that point, the chase had reached 125 mph. The suspect turned right, failing to stop again, back onto County Road 59.

The suspect ran through the intersection of County Roads 59 and 65 at Tin Shop. The driver turned onto County Road 56 at Rocky Branch. Maj. Donnie Strain attempted to cut the suspect off before he got onto Highway 48. The suspect turned into the grass and almost hit Strain going westbound on Highway 48. The vehicle turned onto Circle Drive at Randolph County High School, which changes to County Road 133. The suspects then turned right, failing to stop, on County Road 56, between Ava and New Hope.

The deputy then noticed the driver throw his hand up, signaling to the deputy he was going to stop. The deputy pulled around the car, and the suspect started to gain speed. The deputy gained more speed and got in front of the suspects. Then he began to slow down. The suspect got into the grass to get around the deputy, who slowed down and tried to block the suspect. The suspect then tried to get the car into the grass more and then hit the deputy in the driver's side rear door. The side airbag was deployed, and the deputy was treated for a minor injury.

Strain and Deputy Tobin detained the driver, identified as Gerald Wayne "Pete" Veitch, 39, of 403 Piedmont St., Roanoke. He is charged with attempting to elude, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Veitch's passenger, Kacyee Marie Gurley, 21, of Louina Road, Roanoke, is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

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