Mayor Mike Fisher stated we are fortunate not to have a case of the coronavirus in Randolph County. He asked that all citizens stay safe and practice the CDC procedures for this virus. He stated the recreation center and library still remain closed to the public, and the senior center is providing meals to the homebound clients and offering pick-up meal service for the other clients. The mayor urged citizens to please support local businesses. Patronize the restaurants; use their drive-thru and pick-up services. He encouraged citizens to please shop local and support all businesses.

Police Chief Adam Melton stated he visited most businesses, and they are all in compliance with the governor's orders of no inside dining. He stated everyone seems to be soliciting the take-out service, and there has been no need for enforcement.

Councilmember Mack Bell asked what the police are doing to keep themselves safe. The chief responded they are following CDC procedures and are distancing themselves when they can and are wearing protective gear.

The mayor thanked all nurses, law enforcement, fire, EMS and first responders for their sacrifice during this time. He said they have families also, and we need to pray for our citizens and our country.

Other business

City Clerk Patricia Truitt said she was in attendance for several meetings during the National League of Cities Conference in Washington, D.C., on the current situation on the decline in infrastructure. She met with several grant writers concerning what is and is not available for cities and towns. She also attended meetings with Congress to try and secure some additional federal monies for improving the city.

Councilmember Bronwyn Bishop inquired about the light that was to be installed on Highway 22 near the Pounds' residence. She stated part of the speed bump on Stewart Drive has been removed.

The mayor stated he, the city clerk, fire chief and Bell attended the county commissioners meeting that day, and it was a positive meeting.

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