Roanok City Council unimously approved a resolution stating the nuisance abatement costs on properties that were declared nuisances by previous resolutions.

These properties include: Nook Street - $1,800, East Avenue - $2,000, Minnifield Street - $1,200, Vine Street - $2,200, Mitchell Street - $2,750, Randolph Street - $2,750, Randolph Street - $2,250, Seymour Drive - $960 and Pool Street - $320.50.


During Monday night's meeting, City Clerk Pat Truitt stated Alabama Power had been contacted again concerning the streetlights on Mary Drive and Country Club Road. Their response was 20-foot arms have to be installed for these lights, and they are working on it. Councilmember Bronwyn Bishop stated the light at 715 Rock Mills Rd. has not been installed either.

Councilmember Tammy Holley expressed thanks for the streetlight update and for the speed bumps on Strozier Street.

Other business

Mayor Mike Fisher stated he had a resident call about a water line drainage ditch on Cotney Line. He asked street department supervisor Nick Johnson to check it out.

He stated the maintenance supervisor had talked to him about the old hospital van that belongs to the city now. Maintenance supervisor Keith Richardson stated they have worked on it, and now the problem is the computer; it is old equipment and will get costly. The old nutrition van, used by the Explorers, is also in need of repairs. He stated the hoses are getting dry rotted and both of the vans are getting costly in maintenance fees. He asked the council to consider surplusing both vans. Holley made the motion to declare the vans surplus at the next meeting. The motion carried unanimously.

Councilmember Bronwyn Bishop asked for prayers for the Wes Kinsey family.

Phillip Cottle stated the welcome sign is completed, the flower planters downtown are done and thanked M.L. Awbrey for this.

Zoning administrator Tim Jacobs stated Harmon Engineering called about advertising for the bids on the LaFayette Highway paving project. It will advertise for four weeks. This is peak paving season, and the bid opening will be June 27.

Assistant recreation director Byron Tucker reported the Little League District Tournament will be held in Roanoke on June 6.

This meeting was bumped up by one week because the regular meeting date fell on Memorial Day.

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