Wedowee war monument

WEDOWEE - At last Tuesday's Wedowee Town Council meeting, Mayor Tim Coe said he had been contacted about a name that needs to be added to the war monument in the center of town.

"After the memorial ceremony, I had someone contact me about a relative that had been killed in World War II in France. I would like for anybody that has relatives or knows of anybody that was killed in a war from this area to contact us," he said.

Coe said the names would be added but he wants to see if there are more than one before paying to have just one name added. He said, "Just notify me or someone here at city hall, and we will start a list if there are other names that need to be added."

Music festival wrap-up

"I think it was a great day all around from start to finish, and we had a lot of people in town," said Coe. "I think it was the best you could ask for with it being the first time. I think vendors and the businesses in town were very pleased."

The council agreed with the mayor and thanked everyone who had a part, especially Lesia and Barry Waldrep.

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