WEDOWEE - At Monday's meeting of Randolph County Commission, a Joint Declaration of Emergency Conditions was approved. This comes after a considerable amount of damage to roads in last week's rainstorms.

The declaration will allow for any extra funds from the state or the federal government. One such emergency project is County Road 134 just off Old Highway 431 near Morrison Crossroads and Newell. County engineer Burrel Jones was approved to take necessary steps to repair the road.

Jones said they would have to install a new pipe, rent a crane and kill the main power line that supplies a large area, including the Town of Woodland.

"This is not going to be a quick fix, and we really can't do a whole lot until the rain stops and we can see what we need," he said.

The road collapsed during last week's heavy rains. A vehicle narrowly made it across the pipe before the road collapsed.

Road dept. equipment rotation

The commission hopes to get back on a rotating equipment program for the road department to save the county money and protect the county citizens' interest.

At Thursday's workshop meeting, Robert Perry and Bruce Graham of NEXTRAN discussed the commission's recent purchase of a lowboy tractor. "When you buy Mack trucks, you need to be ready to rotate it out every two years," Perry said. "The resale value of the tractor is good after two years. And that will be money ahead for the county."

Graham told the commission his company could sell dump trucks. "We would sell the chassis, and a dump body would be installed in Childersburg. I suggest you rotate these trucks out every 12 months even though the warranty is for two years." He went on to say most counties in the state are on the program, and specs and prices are through the state bid list and the Association of County Commissions.

In Monday's meeting, commissioners agreed to return to the equipment rotation program. It was agreed any changes in the rotation program would take a unanimous vote from any future commission. The equipment will not exceed two years of use before being rotated out for new equipment. The engineer will give a bi-annual report on the condition of the equipment. The idea is to sell the equipment at the end of two years and break even or possibly even make money from the sale.

"I know in the past we were on this program, but some other commissions made the decision not to rotate equipment, and we have some that it would take more to repair than it could be sold for," said Commissioner Doyle Allen.

At Monday's meeting, 28 pieces of equipment (trucks, dump trucks, bulldozers, tractors, motor graders and rotary cutters) were declared surplus property. It was noted the surplus equipment would not be sold until it was replaced by new equipment.

"It won't happen overnight, it could take a couple of years," said Commissioner Larry Roberts.

In addition, the commission approved the purchase 25 pieces of machinery, vehicles and equipment contingent on financing with First Bank. The chairman and financial officer will sign the loan documents.

Needed repairs at the courthouse

County maintenance, building and grounds supervisor William Davenport met with the commission at the workshop to discuss some problems at the courthouse.

"We are having some problems with the seal around the windows," Davenport said. "When it rains, the water is coming in the windows. We have some fascia boards that need replacing and some gutter work in needed."

At Monday's meeting, the commission approved $7,080 for all the work, including caulking and cleaning the windows and $928 to rent a boom lift.

Sheriff's report

Sheriff David Cofield told commissioners the county jail had 76 inmates, 59 male and 17 female as of Monday. The sheriff said work is continuing on the new jail, and most of the work being done now is on the inside. The sheriff said his jail staff is back up to the needed 18 but would need an additional six when the new jail is opened. He went on to say the new jail should be completed on time.

Commission resolution (Use as the cutline)

The commission presented a resolution to the members of Southern gospel group Witness 4 Him of Wedowee. County Administrator Lisa Holmes read the resolution that honors the group for the awards they have won and been presented. Commissioners congratulated group members Graycee Potts, Linda McCormick and Mike McCormick and wished them the best in future competitions and ministry.

In other business, the commission:

  • Met for an hour and ten minutes in executive session with County Attorney John Tinney to discuss the general name and character of an individual.
  • Approved the county levies for alcohol licensing with Allen and Derek Farr abstaining.
  • Approved a request from Randolph County Equine and Ag Center to haul sand from the Wadley quarry to the equine center. The cost will be paid for by a private party. Commissioner Lathonia Wright voted no.
  • Approved for the engineer to contract with Neighbors Consulting to develop plans for work to be done with Rebuild Alabama Funds.
  • Approved the purchase of gravel in the amount of $12,000.
  • Approved the purchase of new barricades used to block roads that are damaged or closed.
  • Approved the rent for a bulldozer until a new one is purchased.

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