WADLEY - Wadley resident and concerned citizen Veresia Houston attended the Wadley Town Council meeting to express her concerns regarding the confusion at Cooledge Street and Willie James Street.

Houston is worried about the clarity for first responders to be able to reach her household in case of an emergency. Due to the misunderstanding of these streets, first responders may be delayed while trying to figure out correct directions.

During Monday evening's meeting, Mayor Donna McKay agreed with Houston's concern and revealed image proofs of new signs that will be posted to make Cooledge Street and Willie James Street more identifiable. Five new signs are to be put up as soon as possible.

Other business

Approximately less than 100 feet of North Berry Street will soon be closed due to the danger of the steep hill near Wadley Town Hall and Highland Avenue. No driveways will be blocked because of this closure.

The duties of Town Hall employee Nikkie Houston have been increased to cover the position of parks and recreation coordinator. Houston will now oversee all parks and rec sporting activities in Wadley.

The next Wadley Town Council meeting will be held Thursday, Sept. 5, instead of Monday in honor of Labor Day. This will be the Thursday following Labor Day (Monday). The meeting will still be at 6 p.m.

Wadley hopes to hire new police officers and expand their police force.

A black Charger police vehicle was approved as surplus property. It is being sold for $1,200. The rear end and front end are gone.

The town of Wadley approved a donation of $300 to Wadley High School to help with school supplies.

New town limit signs are being put up in all three locations surrounding the town of Wadley.

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