Phillip Dale Rice

Phillip Dale Rice was arrested late Thursday night after leading law enforcement officials on a four-county chase that ended near Hurtsboro.

A Roanoke man driving a semi truck led law enforcement officers on a chase through four counties early Friday morning.

According to the report from Roanoke Police Department, around midnight Sgt. Mark Farmer initiated a chase of the 2001 Mack truck (with no trailer) at the Walmart traffic light.

The driver, Phillip Dale Rice, 49, of 969 County Rd. 67, Roanoke, went into the county running from officers. Rice took County Road 65 and other county roads and got back onto Highway 431, headed south.

Other Roanoke Police Officers were standing by with spike strips set up on Highway 431. Officer Joshua Crockett was waiting north of Crystal Lake, and when he saw the truck, he pulled the spike strips into position and the truck ran over them.

Around CoreLinc in Roanoke, Sgt. Farmer saw that one tire had come off, and he was riding on that rim. Then another tire came off near the Chambers County line. Apparently the back tires were still OK.

As the truck and the law enforcement vehicles chasing it passed through downtown LaFayette, someone recorded the chase on their cell phone. Chambers County officers observed the truck had only three to five tires out of 10.

The chase continued south through Lee County and on into Russell County.

Once in Russell County, Rice wrecked in a median near Hurtsboro, more than 75 miles from where the chase began.

Rice faces charges of attempting to elude and reckless endangerment from both Roanoke and Chambers County. Other jurisdictions will also add their own charges.

Thankfully with the chase occurring during the middle of the night, there were not many other vehicles on the road.

The truck belonged to Brandon Arnett of Timber Ridge Logging in Roanoke.

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