A verbal altercation turned violent at the Huddle House in Roanoke last weekend and left a Roanoke man hospitalized.

The incident, which took place around midnight on Aug. 22, is still under investigation by Roanoke Police Department, and no arrests had been made as of Tuesday afternoon.

Daryle Brannon Farr, 57, of Roanoke remains hospitalized with a reported head injury after he got into a verbal exchange with several other patrons at the Huddle House. According to Roanoke Police Chief Adam Melton, the fight escalated into a physical altercation when Farr, a white man, used "racial language" directed toward several black patrons at the restaurant.

"According to witness accounts, racial language was used," Melton said.

Surveillance video from Huddle House, which has no audio, shows the victim being struck by one of the other patrons. The police report from the incident says that Farr was unconscious when officers arrived. His injuries were severe enough to require helicopter transport to a hospital.

Four people besides Farr were involved in the incident and are listed on the police report.

Kevin Lewis Turner, 44; Rekeshia Samone Turner, 46; Burlexis Shantell Blake, 26, all of Roanoke; and Kendrell Damonte Anderson, 22, of LaFayette were involved and questioned in the incident.

"All suspects and witnesses have been interviewed," Melton said. "Everybody has been cooperative."

The delay in an arrest and official charges is tied to Farr's medical condition. Because he remains hospitalized, he has not been available for questioning. The cause of his injuries also must be determined before specific charges can be filed. To that end Roanoke PD is seeking medical records as part of its investigation.

At question is whether Farr's injuries were caused directly by the alleged assault or came as a result of his fall after he was struck.

"The fall is not visible in the video," Melton said.

Melton said arrests are likely once the investigation is complete.

"We want to make sure this is done right with all parties involved," Melton said.

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