A Roanoke man was apprehended on Thursday of last week following a chase that went from Roanoke to Wedowee.

William Kyle Payne, 30, of 460 Pine Valley Dr., Lot 54, Roanoke, is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, attempting to elude law enforcement, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and shoplifting from Walker's.

An officer immediately spotted the vehicle as soon as the call came over the radio about the shoplifting. He attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the driver would not stop. He led the officer on a chase, but then pulled over near the intersection of U.S. 431 and County Road 65 at Rock Stand.

According to the report, Payne told the officer he did not have a driver's license or insurance card with him and claimed not to have been at the store, although the officer could see some items in the passenger seat. The officer asked for a number he could run to get his information, but the number the driver provided had too many digits.

Payne ended up speeding off again, passing several vehicles as he made his way into Wedowee. Wedowee Police Department threw the spikes down in front of his vehicle near Probilt, but he drove through a ditch, going completely around the spikes. He turned off of U.S. 431, making his way into a hayfield off of County Road 44, east of Wedowee, where Chief Deputy Donnie Grant used his vehicle to at last end the pursuit.

The fire department was called to a small fire that broke out in the freshly mowed hayfield because of the hot vehicles.

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