Roanoke Utilities Board members met in what they hope was their last virtual meeting on Zoom Tuesday afternoon.

On the Zoom conference call was Patrick Williamson of Badger Meters. Williamson discussed with the board an updated meter reading system for the Badger Meters in the city. The new system will still allow drive-by meter readings but will save readings for a longer length of time and make referencing specific accounts easier. The system itself would be helpful to the board but no decision was made. Board Manager Jerry Revis said the board would discuss the update and will schedule an in-person presentation with the company at a later date.

Manager's report

In the manager's report, Revis informed the board:

New bay doors have been installed at the utility office.

Equipment repairs were quite costly recently, including repairs to the backhoe, rotary cutter tactor and mini-excavator.

Revis said inspections by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management have been completed at the waste treatment plant and filtration plant. There were no citations at the waste facility, and no report has come back on the treatment facility.

The manager told the board that during the recent flooding there was quite a bit of damage. He said the paperwork is being filed with the state for 100 percent reimbursement.

The income from the board has seen a steady decline since the onset of the coronavirus. "Right now we are approximately $114,864 behind on our budget. This is due to lack of gas usage and reduction in water and sewer usage."

Revis said the board had received a bill from a resident of the city in the amount of $450. The resident had to call a sewer repairman to work on a sewer line. The problem turned out to be on the city's main line. The board approved the reimbursement.

The manager stated the July board meeting will be held at the utility board office. This could change due to any unforeseen circumstances.


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