WEDOWEE - Randolph County Commission had to delay the start of their Thursday workshop/regular meeting for some 25 minutes waiting on a quorum. Just before the legal time for waiting on quorum expired, the commission did have three of five members in attendance.

Commissioners Doyle Allen and Derek Farr were absent. Commissioner Terry Lovvorn served as chairman for the meeting. After breezing through the agenda of items that needed to include all five commissioners, a lengthy discussion was held concerning what Lovvorn called "mud-bogging roads." The roads discussed were County Roads 439, 440 and 444 and are in two districts (those of Larry Roberts and Lovvorn).

Lovvorn said at the present time they are some of the worst roads in the county, and one is impassible because they are used for mud bogging by trucks and all-terrain vehicles. Lovvorn noted there are no residents on the roads, and a past commission tried to close the roads but the community didn't want them closed.

"The cost to repair these three roads would be in the neighborhood of $25,000," Lovvorn said.

Roberts spoke up and said," How can we justify spending that kind of money on roads with no residents on them when we can't even fix the roads where there are residences?"

Commissioner Lathonia Wright said the roads need to be closed. No final decision was made, but commissioners will discuss the roads at their next meeting

In other business, the commission:

Tabled a request from the City of Roanoke for the services of the county engineer.

Tabled nominations for three people for consideration in the selection of a county board of equalization.

Approved a resolution on a county guardrail project.

Discussed a request from Johnny Earnest to hire jail inmates at the landfill from the inmate work release program. The matter will be further discussed at the next workshop meeting.

Heard that work on the County Road 87 bridge had been completed. It was noted that with all county crews working together, it saved the county approximately $50,000. It was noted that in the latest traffic count there were approximately 657 vehicles per day and around 25 percent were trucks.

Heard a report from Sheriff David Cofield there were 73 inmates in the county jail as of Thursday, 68 males and five females.

Heard from Cofield that work on the new jail is progressing on schedule.

Received an invitation to a retirement lunch for current Chief Deputy Greg Dendinger.

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