SIFAT has received a grant through the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Education and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabma A & M and Auburn University) to collaborate with Alabama Water Watch to offer specialized training in stream biomonitoring and water chemistry monitoring. The workshop will be at SIFAT's 175-acre international training campus between Wedowee and Lineville.

Participants will be trained to use the "Exploring Our Living Streams" curriculum with hands-on activities on watershed science and water quality.

The grant covers all training, supplies, lodging and meals. There is a $25 registration fee. To register please go to Click on environmental education. Then educator workshops.

The goal behind this training is to create a group of concerned citizens who are skilled in monitoring the quality of their local community water. This program was designed for educators to train youth and others about watershed science and how to assess the health of their local streams, rivers and lakes. It is hoped that this will promote a new generation of citizens who are actively involved in environmental stewardship.

The training is open to all, especially teachers and concerned citizens.

Participants who complete the workshop will receive:

* Certification as Alabama Waterwatch water monitors

* A copy of the Exploring our Living Streams curriculum

* Access to EOLS Digital Resources (presentations and other support materials)

* A DVD of Discovering Alabama videos that are correlated to the curriculum

* Access to monitoring equipment

* Support with implementation of the EOLS curriculum, including certification of students as 4-H AWW Monitors

* Continuing education units from Auburn University

Participants also have the option to:

* Take a tour of SIFAT's Simulated Global Village (Visit Nepal, Liberia, Guatemala... without leaving Alabama!)

* See SIFAT's intensive gardens with urban agriculture options

* View demonstrations of appropriate technologies to meet basic human needs in the developing world (clean water technologies; fuel efficient cookstoves...)

* Visit the Village Store with unique handicrafts from around the world.

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