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WADLEY - At Monday's Wadley Town Council meeting, the council agreed to keep their garbage and trash service with the company they are presently using.

Mayor Donna McKay told the council she had received a call from the county authority asking for the town to consider Amwaste for their garbage and trash pickup.

McKay told the council the current contract with AGL (Ashland, Goodwater and Lineville) needed to be renewed. The original contract was done in 2018 and was a three-year contract. The mayor and council agreed AGL had done a good job and agreed there does not need to be a change.

In the new contract that was approved, the price would increase from $14 to $15 a month. It states that businesses cannot change companies. The town currently has 241 customers. The mayor said the bid process was not needed with the town being government. The council approved the new contract with AGL.

Paving project

The council approved a resolution for a Community Development Block Grant for work on Cooledge Street. The grant would pay for repaving of the street and putting in sidewalks. Mayor McKay said a public hearing was held on May 18 to discuss the grant. Several suggestions were made including potholes made by trucks and safety of children in the area. The grant if received will not cost the town any money. It is not known when the grant will be approved.

Air Med contract

Mayor McKay told the council it was time to renew the contract with Air Med to cover residents of the town. All council members agreed the program is good for the citizens because it could save a life and save residents money. The annual cost will increase from $3,317 to $3,980. The council agreed to renew the contract.

In a related matter, McKay will talk with town employees to see if there is any interest in the business plan, which would include 10 employees.

Police report

Police Chief Tyler Murphy reported to the mayor and council that activity had increased in the past few weeks. During May there were 112 calls, 57 traffic stops with three citations and 54 warnings. In addition, the department made five misdemeanor arrests and four felony arrests. Murphy said the new speed signs obtained through a grant had been put up and seem to slow some people down. The new signs collect data, such as speeds and times, and will allow officers to patrol areas with the most problems.

In other business, the council:

  • Announced the next council meeting would be held Monday, July 12, at 5 p.m. This is due to the first Monday being a holiday with July 4 being on Sunday.
  • Will check into cyber security for the town's computer system
  • Announced the farmers' market is every Tuesday from 8 to 11 a.m.
  • Reminded residents that anyone who rents, moves something onto their property or builds on their property must check with town hall on procedures and zoning ordinances.

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