Carlie Sutton, Acton Treadwell, Ayden Reese and Tanner Tidwell get the merry-go-round to spinning.

Knight-Enloe Elementary School staff and students were joined by the Chamber of Commerce for their ribbon cutting at their new playground last week.

Children played on the new equipment and enjoyed their new playground that has been in the works for quite some time. The lead person on this project was Allison Murr, physical education assistant at KES. Murr states, "I really just wanted to do something fun for our students. They needed something on our PE field to keep them entertained. They have been so excited about our new playground since we first started talking about this three years ago."

Aiding Murr in this task was Eric Dye, the physical education teacher at KES. "It's great to have this out here for the kids. We are used to just bringing out a bag of balls for the kids to play with, so it's nice for them to have a nice playground to play on now," says Dye.

Murr commented on how the funds were raised for the playground. "Raising money is the fun part of the whole process. We started out a couple years ago doing our annual color run. The color run was a huge success with our kids. They absolutely loved it! And over the past couple years, we have raised around $12,000 off of it." Murr also acknowledged the large contribution the community has given for this asset, "Our local businesses are amazing at donating and helping our students, and they have played a huge role in this fundraiser." Murr continued, "I am so thankful to everyone at KES especially Mrs. Hope, Coach Dye, Coach Hall and our teachers for helping me organize and host the color run for our students. I also want to thank Mr. Marcum and Mrs. Musick because without them this would not have been possible to do in three years!"

Lots of work and planning has gone into creating this new activity for the children to enjoy. The KES staff and students are excited and grateful for the new asset to their school.

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