A trailer park on Seymour Drive was the scene of a Sunday afternoon shooting.

Officers responding to the call found the suspect on the ground being held by witnesses who told the officers they had already taken one gun away from him earlier in the day.

Calmease Devaughn McCray Jr., 25, of 1520 Yancey St., Roanoke, was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

McCray allegedly shot his cousin, April Lenise Johnson, 35, of Yancey Street in the foot. She was taken to the emergency room by private vehicle.

A bullet believed to have ricocheted off the floor grazed a second victim, Kenneth Antoine Houston, 38, of Seymour Drive. He was not seriously injured.

Woman hurt in fight

A Smyrna, Ga., woman was seriously injured in a fight with another woman on Saturday morning.

The incident happened at the home of her cousin on Satterwhite Street. The victim, Stephanie Cartwright, 44, told officers she had gone to see her cousin, when the suspect, Ruby Ann Hicks, 50, of 44 Clark St., came into the yard.

The two women got into an argument when Cartwright said Hicks owed money to her friend. The victim said Hicks struck her in the head and the fight became physical. Cartwright cut her ankle on the steps. The cut was so severe she had to be transported by helicopter to a trauma unit.

No charges have been filed yet in this case, but Hicks had four failure to appear warrants for bad checks.

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