WEDOWEE - At last Tuesday's Wedowee Town Council meeting, Mayor Tim Coe and council members commended Wedowee resident Marleigh Bradley for the work she had done on a school project to hopefully get a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 431/Highway 48 East.

Bradley has been working on the project for several months in hopes of having a light installed at one of the most dangerous intersections in the town. She presented each council member with a copy of a petition containing 621 signatures, and not all of those are from residents of the town.

"I commend you on what you have done in getting this many signatures, and I hope you make an A on the project," said Coe.

Councilmember Pam Johnson said all of the letters she had seen that Bradley had written to public officials were well written. Mayor Coe stated a letter signed by him and the council and a copy of the petition would be forwarded to the governor, the state highway department and other public officials.

In other business, the council renewed a lease with Linda Jones on property formerly belonging to the old Wedowee Hospital. The hospital authority gave the town the property that was used as office space for the old hospital. Jones had been working on the building, but sickness and the pandemic had halted the work.

In the last order of business, the council heard a report on the Frog Level Music Festival to be held on Saturday, May 29. More details on the festival will be forthcoming the next couple of weeks.

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