Crystal Lake

WEDOWEE - Since the first of February, Randolph County Commission has spent more than $57,000 on emergency repairs to Crystal Lake. On Monday the commission voted unanimously to stop all work on the lake and send a bill to the City of Roanoke for work that has already been done.

At Thursday's workshop meeting, the frustration was showing by commissioners as they discussed the project.

"Enough is enough and it's time to cut it off," said Commissioner Doyle Allen. "It's not fair to punish the citizens of this county. We've spent over $57,000 out of our road paving/resurfacing fund, and the problem still isn't fixed. If the lake is ours, we will fix it, and we'll charge the City of Roanoke for every gallon of water they have gotten from the lake and any water they get in the future. Also we'll get the fees for fishing permits."

Commissioner Lathonia Wright said a meeting needs to be set up with the City of Roanoke, the commission and Roanoke Utilities Board. He said, "If Roanoke owns it, they need to fix it."

Commission Chairman Terry Lovvorn asked Wright if he would try to set up a meeting with Roanoke to discuss the matter.

"I have tried to call Ron Cameron, chairman of the Utilities Board, but he won't return my calls," said Wright.

Engineer Burrell Jones said on Thursday that only one siphon hose is working. Jones, said, "I would say it will be another 21 to 28 days before we can have the lake drained, so we can make the needed repairs on the drain and the riser."

On Monday, Roanoke Mayor Mike Fisher, City Clerk Pat Truitt, Councilmember Mack Arthur Bell and Utility Board Chairman Ron Cameron were in attendance at the meeting to discuss the lake with the commission and what needs to be done. Commissioner Allen asked for an executive session to discuss possible litigation. After the session, The Leader found out good name and character of an individual was also discussed. Following the 35-minute executive session, the representatives from Roanoke left the meeting.

Allen made the following motion concerning past work at the lake and any future work at the lake: "The County shall cease all emergency work at Crystal Lake and send the Roanoke Utilities Board an invoice for all costs, for equipment used and work performed on this emergency, to date; along with a letter of explanation. In the future, before any emergency work is to be done that requires the assistance of the county, the Roanoke Utilities Board must meet with the commission to make a request. Further, any and all work and expense incurred by the county will be billed to the Roanoke Utilities Board."

The motion was passed unanimously.

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