Roanoke City Council discussed an abandoned house that caught fire Friday, Oct. 4.

The housefire on Bell Road (almost at the corner of LaFayette Highway) began at about the time the Handley football game was ending. Individuals are curious as to how this may have happened. Investigators are waiting on the fire chief's report to find out more.

If you or anyone you know has information in this, please call the Secret Witness Line. The phone number is (334) 863-3066. This line allows you to leave anonymous information regarding any type of incident or other concerns.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is being celebrated right now in Roanoke. October was proclaimed Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Roanoke at a previous council meeting. During Monday evening's council meeting, Mayor Mike Fisher stated that this is in honor of the thousands of women and men impacted by this disease yearly. More specifically, he states this is also in honor of Councilmember Tammi Holley, who has overcome breast cancer. Mayor Fisher spoke on his appreciation for her, and Holley expressed her love for the city of Roanoke and its people. Fisher wants to bring awareness to this cause. Pink lights can be seen in the City Hall foyer, as well as pink bows on the railing in front of the building. Mayor Fisher closed by asking everyone to wear pink at the next council meeting. He also said he would make it a point to wear pink periodically throughout October.

Cotney Circle

The council approved the spending of a maximum of $10,000 more than planned for repairs to Cotney Circle. Once workers began their original work on the street, they realized they needed to put a base down in or order to make the road last longer. The addition of this base will prolong the life of Cotney Circle at least another 30-40 years. If the council had voted to continue with the original plan and not spend the extra $10,000, the life expectancy of this street would be only 10-15 years. The council agreed this is an investment for Roanoke as this is a highly traveled road. Police noted they may need to direct traffic if roadwork is taking place during school traffic hours.

Councilmember reports

Councilmember Mike Parmer inquired about the lights on Central Avenue and was informed by the city clerk they are being installed.

Council member Holley inquired about the lights on Dogwood Circle. She was informed there was an issue with the underground wiring, but actions are being taken to fix the issue now. The lights will be up as soon as possible. Holley also expressed her desire to fix up the former National Guard Amory.

Councilmember Bronwyn Bishop explained how she has heard from several people about the paving of Johnson Street. Bishop said she is awaiting funding for this project because a lot of expenses have gone towards the work on LaFayette Highway.

Councilmember Terry Cole inquired about the lighting on Louina Street and was informed the city is still waiting on the lights.

Department head reports

Mercedes Benz Stadium has invited all small-town teams in Alabama to play games on their field on Dec. 15. The parks and recreation department spoke at the meeting on whether or not this would be possible for Roanoke children. There will be four "Red" games; however, all four games will last a total of 16 minutes. The cost for all children to attend would total $8,000. The parks and recreation director expressed that she thinks $8,000 is a lot of money for a total of 16 minutes of playing time. However, the council spoke about potential ways to make this possible for the children. Mayor Fisher inquired if council members would mind if the children were allowed to use their sports equipment. The children already have a waiver stating that if they ever borrow equipment, they have to return it all before they may sign up for another sport within the department. The council expressed concerns about insurance and liability regarding the children's safety when playing these games, as they want to make sure they are not held liable if a child gets injured. Possibilities are still being discussed to determine if this is going to happen or not.

Roanoke has had three weeks straight of undefeated youth football, and there are three weeks left in the season.

Basketball signups will begin in November.

The no-burn order is still in effect. Mayor Fisher asks, "Please use common sense with water and don't waste it." He then expressed his appreciation for citizens working with them on the matter.

Other business

An ordinance involving zoning on Waller Mill Road was rescinded. The ordinance is having to be completely redone due to a typing error in the original version. There will be a public hearing for this ordinance at the next council meeting on Oct. 28 at 6 p.m.

A resolution was approved to allow for airport upgrades in 2020. Roanoke already had money set aside for these upgrades; however, the council just needed to approve the spending of it. Fixes will include a runway overlay, taxiway rehabilitation and apron rehabilitation.

Halloween hours were official determined for the City of Roanoke. The hours are 5 - 8 p.m. on Halloween, Thursday, Oct. 31. Mayor Fisher would like for everyone to be aware the city does have an open lot next to City Hall where people are welcome to come set up and give out candy. The city will not be responsible for any accidents; however, they would like everyone to know this lot is available.

Roanoke City Council will not meet Oct. 14 in honor of Columbus Day. The council chose to meet on the 7th in lieu of the 14th.

The council will gather on Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. for a budget workshop regarding the proposed 2019-2020 budget.

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