The Randolph Leader is now under new ownership and will remain locally owned by members of the extended Stevenson family.

Tim Altork, who has been operating as the Leader's publisher since the death of former owner John Stevenson in February 2019, completed the purchase of a controlling stake of Randolph Publishers last Thursday. Randolph Publishers is the corporation that operates The Randolph Leader.

Altork purchased his stake from John Stevenson's widow, Jennifer Chandler Stevenson, and with the purchase Altork was named the corporation's president and chairman of the board and will retain his duties as editor and publisher.

Lewis Floyd, senior associate with Grimes, McGovern and Associates, consulted with the seller on this transaction.

The Stevenson family has owned and operated The Leader since its inception in 1892. John Stevenson was a third-generation owner and publisher, but his only child J.B. was tragically killed in a car accident as a teenager in 1998.

Altork married John Stevenson's niece Heather in 2003 and was hired at the Leader as a sports writer later that year. Altork worked at the Leader from 2003-2006 before leaving for other pursuits. He returned to the Leader in a part-time role in 2013 and was retained in a full-time capacity approximately a year later. He has been at the paper ever since, working primarily as sports editor and then stepping into the publisher's role after John Stevenson's death.

"I am so proud to be able to take on this role as owner at the Leader," Altork said. "And I hope to continue the legacy that Johnny and the Stevenson family have built to make this paper such a vital part of the Randolph County community."

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