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The Roanoke City Council made a unanimous vote in favor of a little more peace and quiet at Monday's meeting.

The council passed an amendment to the city's noise ordinance that specifically targets cars and trucks that belt out unnecessarily loud noise from their mufflers.

This is a relatively common practice among motorists throughout the city, and the council and police chief have received multiple complaints that led to the change in the ordinance.

According the amendment, it is now "unlawful to operate a motor vehicle in the City of Roanoke with loud mufflers (factory, modified, or aftermarket) in such a manner that would cause a reasonable person to believe the driver of the vehicle is intentionally causing noise, and the noise from the muffler can be heard 50 feet from the vehicle."

Police chief Jonathan Caldwell had asked the council to add specific wording to the ordinance regarding mufflers in response to multiple complaints. Prior to the change there was nothing that specifically prohibited such noise from vehicles, and he was limited in his department's ability to enforce the law in those cases.

According to the ordinance the maximum fine for anyone guilty of a violation is $200.

Chestnut Street building

The council gave local property owner Rodney Wright a 45-day extension on the potential abatement of a nuisance property on Chestnut Street.

Wright is the owner of the building near the corner of Chestnut and West Point Street that recently partially collapsed, leaving a large pile of bricks on the sidewalk.

Wright appeared before the council and told them that he was in the process of cleaning up the fallen bricks and repairing the building so that it no longer posed a threat of falling debris to passers-by.

Senior league field

The council approved the relocation of an electrical switch and the demolition of the concession stand at the senior league field at the city's outdoor recreational facility.

The concession stand was cleared for demolition, but could not be razed because it housed the light switch for the field's lighting system.

Monday's action allows that switch to be relocated outside of the building so that the building can be torn down.


The council also approved a re-zoning request for a 20-acre plot on Magnolia Lane. The owner of the plot asked for the re-zoning in order to subdivide the lot and sell the smaller parcels of land for use as separate lots for mobile homes.

The request was approved by the zoning commission last week and was subsequently brought before the council.

The request was approved by a 4-0-1 vote, with council member Kesa Johnston abstaining.

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